Mechanical Assemblies

Westport provides mechanical assembly to its customers. Whether you need card guides installed or assemblies screwed, glued or riveted together, we can provide you with that value added benefit. All of this is done in a dedicated area.

We also have a black light inspection area if you need parts cleaned to a higher level. This inspection/cleaning can be done either before or after assembly and the items sealed in dust free bags.


  • Fully Assembled Card Cages
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Fully Assembled Painted Chassis
  • Mammography Machine Covers
  • Fully Assembled Cabinets
  • Scientific Instrument Front Panels
  • Block Aluminum Machined Covers
  • Telecommunications Covers
  • Complex Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Painted and Assembled Card Cages
  • Medical Device Rear Plates
  • Plated and Silk Screened Enclosure Assemblies
  • Aluminum Brackets

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